UNCOPPEN SAW formed 2019 in Basel to merge sound creation with elements of performance,

visual arts, multi-lingual text to explore sound art as transgressing and unifying media between matter and spirit, subject and object.

By this trans-media approach the four artists from Mauritius, France and Switzerland open a creolised trans-cultural space of emergence in the “Here and Now”, between digital and analog, the concrete and the abstract, intuition and calculus, interrogating notions and perceptions of time, matter, aesthetics and moral.

The performance and text based one-time comprovisations relate with precision to the immediacy of situation and relation to the listener, opposing usual hierarchies of authority.

“Anarchy is the keyword of humanity, l'Anarchie est le mot clé de l'Humanité”, is the statement of track “Kuro”.

As a special offer for the new introduction of the band in the artist list of Iapetus Media, the album "Kuro" is available for free (name-your-price) for a limited time.

However, we would appreciate a donation of about 2 Euro for the download.

Thank you very much!

UNCOPPEN SAW & the Iapetus Team